ECO Laundry Soap Sheets

What are Eco Clean Sheets? Eco Clean Sheets are the most effective and sustainable way to clean your laundry. Eco Clean Sheets replace your messy, heavy plastic jugs of liquid laundry soap with convenient and lite concentrated laundry detergent sheets packaged in minimal and sustainable packaging. 

How do I use Eco Clean Sheets? Simply tear remove an Eco Clean Sheet from the recycled cardboard box, tear it in half and place the half sheet in the laundry machine with your clothes. Wash as usual. We recommend a half sheet for small/standard loads and a whole sheet for larger or more soiled loads. 

Will Eco Clean Sheets work with all materials and all situations? Eco Clean Sheets work great in all temperatures of water, in all washers (including He), and are even effective for handwashing and are perfect for traveling and on-the-go situations! 

Are Eco Clean Sheets natural? Yes! Eco Clean Sheets use plant-based ingredients derived from coconut. Plant enzymes do the work to get your clothes clean. It's a natural and effective way to clean your laundry. Ingredients: Coconut Oil. Coconut Alcohol. Plant-derived Polyvinyl Alcohol. Deionized water. Essential Oils. 

Eco Clean Sheets contain NO:

  • No 1.4 dioxane
  • No phosphates
  • No optical brighteners
  • No dyes
  • No formaldehyde
  • No chlorine bleaches
  • No nonylphenol ethoxylates
  • No benzyl acetate
  • No ammonium sulphates
  • No dichlorobenzenes

What about PVA? PVA is an abbreviation that can represent many different types of ingredients. Firstly, Polyvinyl Acetate is an adhesive often used in glue and is different than Polyvinyl Alcohol, which is often found in water-soluble films on many cleaning products and binding agents in newly created products like Concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets and Strips. 

There is some confusion around the earth-friendliness of Polyvinyl Alcohol. Mainly because there are different kinds of Polyvinyl Alcohols. There is petroleum-based PVA and plant-based PVA, and within those categories also lie varying levels of biodegradability.

Eco Clean Concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets use Plant-Based (Derived from Coconut) PVA. Our plant-based PVA is dissolvable in water. And, it is biodegradable in aerobic (commercial composting facilities) and nonaerobic (“backyard composting”) environments. This means that it breaks down in the wash and eventually biodegrades into a benign monomer that is ocean-life-friendly and decomposes into other nutrients over time; therefore, is not a source of microplastic pollution. 

Symbiotic Products LLC & Eco Clean Sheets go further by using only pharmaceutical-grade PVA (not simply industrial grade). That ensures that it is an extremely safe macromolecular organic matter, non-toxic to the human body, and has good biocompatibility. That’s a lot of words that mean it is safe for humans. 

Symbiotic Products LLC created Eco Clean products to move us towards a petroleum-based-plastic-free world. We believe that Eco Clean Concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets are one small step in that direction. 

Where are Eco Clean Sheets made? Symbiotic Products LLC (SP) is a family-owned and operated small business outside of Seattle Washington. They seek to bring more sustainable product options to consumers here in the United States. When they discovered concentrated laundry detergent sheets, they knew right away that these were a great way to eliminate a lot of plastic from our daily lives.  

After an exhaustive search in the states for a manufacturer, they came up empty. Not finding anyone in the states that could make them, they moved on and found a sustainably focused company where they weren’t expecting it. This ethically run and independently owned, small business (under ten employees) is located in China… and they make them for SP with the natural ingredients that they stand for. SP then has the products shipped bulk via boat which is substantially more sustainable than by plane. 

The Eco Sheets are then warehoused in Washington state, where SP does all the packaging and shipping to us and their other customers using recycled and reused packaging material sourced here in the United States.  

Packaging: All the packaging and design are done in Washington state and all of the packaging materials are sourced here in the states. SP use boxes that are made from 100% recycled material and 100% reusable (or recyclable) after use.

Another great reason why we love Symbiotic Products? They are early adaptors of Algae Ink! Most ink contains petroleum; not algae ink! This retail packaging is 100% plastic-free!