Last summer of 2021 Bumble & Cotton slowly evolved when I began creating textiles into kitchen linens. Finding beautiful yet unique fabrics to fine-tuning a look of the always needed Flour Sack Towel became very inspirational. After perfecting my technique, I tested out the local market at one of my favorite home goods shops in town, and quickly I noticed supply & demand took over, all while honing in the inspiration of nature into my fabric choices.

Soon after, I developed another product line that has so much importance to my lifestyle, and by combining personal and business ethics together all while making sustainable choices in our ever-increasing planet crises it only made sense to gear my business around eco-consciousness. Single-use products have been increasing as our population does the same, so this is a perfect place to start. By providing consumers just one more alternative such as replacing paper towels, my PaperLESS Towels are a great item to add to your daily necessities and don't fill up the landfills.

Our Eco-Conscious Practices include:

  • support local first
  • source sustainable businesses
  • recycle & repurpose end-of-life materials & supplies 
  • maintain minimalistic production & overhead
  • eco-conscious & compostable product labels 
  • recycled & compostable printing material
  • plastic-free shipping packaging

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy our handmade home goods!