Eco Bee Box

Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box Eco Bee Box
Eco Bee Box
Paperless Towel Print
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    BUMBLE & COTTON ECO GIFT BOX sets...a wonderful mix of sustainable goods for you or that special someone. 

    • Reduce single-use
    • Encourage you to reuse more & waste less
    • Increase your sustainable lifestyle 
    • Put a smile on your face 

    Our Eco Bee Box includes (7) items:

    • Paperless Towel 6-pack (option to choose your fabric)
    • Paperless Towelettes (option to choose your fabric)
    • Dryer Ball (option to choose your theme)
    • Bamboo & Sisal Dish Brush w/long Handle
    • Bamboo, Sisal & Coconut Pot Scrub Brush Head (attaches to the included Dish Brush)
    • Mini Bumble Felt Pet Toy
    • Mini dried floral bouquet (seasonal)

    Paperless Towels — our 6-Packs are a great starter to replacing the paper version that ends up in landfills over and over again. Paperless Towels are 100% cotton and last for years. Just like cloth towels but these 12x12 are perfect for quick wipes, cloth napkins, spills, and however way you use the "other" ones. Throw them in the wash, dry them and re-roll, fold, and they're ready to do the job again!

    Towelettes — our mini version of the Paperless Towels, these little guys are 8x8 and 10 are included in this pack. Perfect to keep in your car, RV, purse, backpack, diaper bag...the list is endless! They even do wonders as eyeglass & device screen wipes.

    Bamboo Kitchen Brushes — Our bamboo-bee kitchen brush heads come in 2 versions which are interchangeable with the included long handle, a sisal brush & a pot scrub brush. Made with 100% natural materials and compostable at the end of life. Bee etching included on both!

    Wool Dryer Balls — Eco Dryer Balls are an all-natural and organic fabric softener handmade from 100% premium New Zealand wool.  They replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners, both known to contain harmful chemicals, are fully reusable for over 1000 loads, and reduce drying time by up to 40%!