Wax Stick Instructions

wrap refresher · extends wrap life · same B&C recipe

1.4 ounces


You will need:

*Cheese Grater w/fine shredding holes (preferably)

*Parchment Paper- 2 pieces, several inches larger than your wrap

*Iron-your least favorite iron (in case of wax)


1. Use a cheese grater and create a fair amount of shavings.

Place wrap on parchment paper & sprinkle shavings on the wrap.

2. Lay your 2nd sheet of parchment paper over your wrap with wax shavings.

3. Use your hot iron and slowly lay it in the middle of the top parchment-wax-wrap layers & melt the wax mixture, distributing the melt all across the wrap to the edges.

4. Remove the top parchment paper, carefully take two corners of the refreshed wrap hold up & lightly fan until dry (about 10-20 seconds).


One WAX STICK refreshes about 10-20 wraps

Oregon Beeswax | Tree Rosin | Jojoba Oil

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